2nd Annual Softie Awards.

The second Great Annual Softie Awards is open since last week. There are fun categories to enter your softie. I really really want to make a new softie, like for example an elephant. But there are only 2 weeks left to enter, and I have no much inspiration. Perhaps my son ran away with all my creativity because I told him about the Softie Awards and immediately he started designing his very own elephant.

Since I learned him how to sew, he’s made many softies (I’ll upload all the pictures of his softies tomorrow). This time I told him he should do it all by himself. He knows now how cut the fabric, how to to put the thread in his needle and how to make a knot in his thread, how to sew, turn inside out, stuff, and assemble his softies.

He is just great. There is no age limit for entering in the Softie Awards, is there?

Hooray for the girl with the Itchy Dress!

I could never have imagined this, but…my doll with the itchy dress made it to the top 5 in the category ‘worst christmas gift’ of the Holiday Softie Awards!!!!! You can vote for her if you click on HERE! and go to the ‘voting site’!

Mijn pop met ‘The Itchy Dress’ is bij de genomineerden in de categorie ‘Worst Gift I ever got (=Slechtste kado ooit gekregen)’ in de wedstrijd ‘Holiday Softie Awards’. Stem voor haar! Je kan het doen door HIER te klikken en door te klikken naar de ‘voting site’.

Soft CD

soft cd

Another worst Christmas gift for the Holiday Softie Awards…This time it’s not a gift I received, but
something I gave as a present last Christmas. I thought a CD with ‘Happy
Christmas Songs’ would be a great gift for my children, who love to listen
and dance to music, and sing along with it. Unfortunately they loved the CD
so much that we were still listening to Christmas songs in July. We hoped
the CD would get lost, that it would get scratched (as always happens to our
favourite CD’s), we wanted to use it as a frisbee…
This soft cd is the perfect toy: it doesn’t make any noise, you can put your
finger in it, you can put it on your tummy or your head, or you can use it
as a hat..

Holiday Softie Awards

I made this doll for the Holiday Softie Awards, she’ll be categorized under the ‘worst christmas gift’

In our/my childhood, we always got new clothes around Christmas time. Those new clothes weren’t meant for daily wearing though, no, they were meant for special occasions such as Christmas or New Year’s Eve, or any other feast or party that year. Sometimes my mother sewed those clothes herself, like that dress she made me once, with a little mouse embroidered on it. How awful that dress was, the fabric was all itchy and scratchy. God, did I HATE that dress… I never wanted to wear it. I’d rather sit in my underpants instead of wearing it. Pretty festive, don’t you think?

And here’s the link to other great softies for the Holiday Softie Awards 2007.

UPDATE: My itchy dress doll made it to the top 5 finalists in the categorie ‘worst gift ever got’. Please vote for her: click here!